How to Build a Podcast Audience with Espree Devora

Espree Devora shares her framework for increasing the audience of your podcast.

Published on
October 14, 2020

Started a podcast, and want to know how to get people listening? Espree Devora, podcast producer and host (Women in Tech, WeAreLATech), recently shared her tried and tested formula for increasing your podcast audience with the Outsite Community. 

How to Grow Your Podcast Audience:

Espree recommends the following formula, The 3 Ps and the M&Ms.

Step 1: Purpose

Step 2: Process

Step 3: Production

Step 4: Marketing

Step 5: Monetization

Step 1: Purpose

Before you do anything else, you must narrow your focus and purpose. This should manifest in 3 different areas:

  1. What’s in it for you? 

- Do you want to gain more clients? Thought leadership? Do you just want to do something nice for the world? Or build a community?

  1. What’s in it for your audience?

- Is your podcast for entertainment? Is it for inspiration? Try to find out where you fit into your audience’s day and how you can become a habit in their life.

  1. What metrics will you use?

- How many listeners do you want to convert to customers each month? How are you measuring your funnels? Are your CTAs (call to actions) placed in the right order? Special Note: You don’t have to use metrics; if you choose not to, be sure you are consciously choosing that path. 

Step 2: Process

Once you have clarity about your purpose, it’s time to create effective workflows. 

Think about what resources you already have in place you can utilize and ask yourself how much time and money can you realistically allocate to this per week or per month. Below are some key areas to consider in your process:

  1. Frequency

- How often will your show be published? Weekly, monthly, as soon as possible?

  1. Online or In-Person Recording

- The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted recordings online, and there are many easy to use tools readily available. Be sure to bring the same energy and enthusiasm you would in-person to the online recording experience. 

Espree Recommends: for high-quality online recording.

  1. Asset Creation

- Who will be creating your artwork, music, host intros, etc?

  1. Editing

- How much time can you allocate? Or should you hire out? 

Espree Recommends: which offers unlimited based editing for $500 per month

  1. Creating Your Listener Funnel and Guest Speaker Funnel

- How is your listener discovering you? What action do you want them to take after listening? How can they stay in contact with you?

- How are you reaching out to speakers? What timeline should you be working on? What promotional assets are you creating for them to share?

Espree Recommends: to quickly and efficiently build funnels.

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You can also get in touch directly with Espree on LinkedIn or book a consulting session with her here.

Espree Devora “the Girl who Gets it Done” is the founder of WeAreTech, a network of podcasts focused on tech and startup lifestyle including “WeAreLATech” , “Hello Customer” and “Women in Tech” Podcasts.  Her company unifies community by creating on and offline ‘Experiences’ with the purpose to move tech professionals from digital connections to offline meaningful relationships.  She calls podcasting ‘painting audio’. She has given talks on entrepreneurship and podcasting to many organizations including USC Business School, CBS, South by Southwest, Georgetown MBA and Pepperdine. Her podcast was featured in Harper’s Bazaar as the top 10 podcasts to listen to in 2019.

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